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Being Sick

My wife asked me why I seemed a bit grumpy today (as I write this). The truth is simple - I feel sick, and I feel like this is holding me back.

Colds are what I get most often, and to be fair, there are far worse things I can have. But I get particularly frustrated when I get a cold, as I seem to have now.

I’m constantly thinking of new projects, things I want to tackle. I’m trying to lose weight and get stronger and faster, and I can’t do that when I’m sick. When I’m sick the only thing I can really do to further my goals is rest - sleep, eat well, and that’s it. I can’t really *do* anything to get better - just rest. I like action, I like to DO things. This is partly why I failed so often at weight loss - I always tried to out exercise my bad diet. Well, to be fair, I did manage to do that once, when I had 2 hours a day to run. But that was a rare circumstance.

And as much as I’m a person who enjoys some quiet down time, it bugs me. I’m trying to put a good spin on it, think about the time I can spend reading and relaxing, but really it just irks me, especially coming off of a few days where I was off my usual exercise routine.

But, there’s not much to be done but power through it, and try my best not to give it to my wife. That’s likely a lost cause, but I’ll try my best all the same.

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