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Kickstart Week

I mentioned this briefly on my Instagram but wanted to flesh out this plan of mine here and provide some of the background and reasonings.

Starting today I’m going to be doing what I’ve termed a “Kickstart.” The idea here is slightly to kick start my body back into weight loss, but it’s kind of multipurpose really.

For Monday through Friday this week I’m going to observe the following restrictions:

- One glass of red wine per day only

- Protein shake as my only afternoon snack

- Stick strictly to my prepped breakfasts and lunches (specifically ground turkey and egg breakfast burritos and smoked maple chipotle chicken and roasted broccoli for lunch)

- Take a smaller portion for dinner and a half pint of Halo Top for dessert (if wanted)

Generally speaking that should put me in around 1700 calories per day, though I’m making an exception for Thursday, where I’m allowing myself one extra drink and one bar snack (as we tend to go out for Happy Hour once a week). What I’m looking to do here is flex and build up my discipline a bit. It’s been pretty common for me lately to have some snacks at work, a 270 calorie protein bar, a larger dinner, and 2 or 3 drinks in the evening, and I think this is largely to blame for my weight being pretty steadily going up the last few months. Plus that is roughly where most TDEE calculators put me for an ideal 500 calorie/day deficit at sedentary, given my age, height and weight.

I’m not usually a fan of such heavy and specific restrictions. If it fits your calories, I generally say go for it. But so often lately I’ve ended up “just a little bit” over my calories, and those little bits are adding up. The idea here is to try and figure out what I can and can’t do without. Do I really need that 270 calorie protein bar, or would a 160 calorie shake do as well? Can I subsist on just protein and veg for lunches? Do I really need that second glass of wine? I want to test my limits and figure out what I can and can’t do without, and see how my body fares on a lower calorie limit.

I’ll be posting updates on my Instagram, but wanted to flesh out my reasoning and restrictions a bit here. Here’s hoping this helps push me down below 200 again!

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