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My 2 Year Fitaversary

Yesterday was my two year Fitaversary. My Fitaversary is the day I started trying to lose weight two years ago, and have been continuing since then. I had tried many times before that, but had always fallen off the wagon at some point, giving up on tracking or exercising. And while there have been short periods where I haven’t tracked religiously in the last two years, it’s always been on my mind, and I’ve never stopped working at it.

I’m not where I wanted to be at this point. Two years ago I was hoping I’d be done by now. Holidays have thrown me off, for sure, and I’ve had trouble getting back at it.

I was thinking today though about myself the last two days. The last two days have been on point. Timely exercise. Calories under 2000. Early bed. I keep thinking of how much better my life will be once I’m at my goal weight, but realistically, my day to day life will be pretty much like these last two days. I don’t plan to stop exercising or getting lots of sleep. My calories might be a little higher but I can’t (and won’t) suddenly start wolfing down donuts and chips. The only real difference between me yesterday and me at goal weight is how my clothes will fit.

And I was thinking about how what got me started was the idea of this person I wanted to be. Someone who ate healthy food, who worked out, who read the paper, who wrote. And I realized I was that guy yesterday. I am today. That healthy person is within reach, I just need to be him, and if I do, the goals will come. Oh, maybe there will be some adjustment of calories here and there, but it won’t be radically different.

But I say this because I want you to know that that healthy person isn’t some distant goal. I used to feel like that person was years away, was hours in the gym and a hundred smallish, healthy lunches away. But it need not be. It can be here today, and it is, I think. So far, anyway!

Thank you to everyone who’s supported me throughout all this, who’s commented and cheered me on! Your support means the world to me, and has kept me going. And will keep me going through year 3, 4 and 25.



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