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“Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.” This is a common refrain among some folks in the weight loss community. I hate it. I like to joke that whoever made up that quote clearly never had a Sausage and Egg McMuffin and two hash browns (which is one of my all time favourite meals, honestly). And I just honestly don’t think it’s true. I hat when folks try to say that oh this cauliflower dish tastes just as good as this potato dish! Maybe it does to you, but to most people it won’t.

The simple fact is food that is bad for you generally is fucking delicious. Pretending otherwise is just lying to yourself. For a long time I was trying to find the silver bullets, the healthy foods that didn’t make me feel like I was depriving myself. There was a big mental shift for me when I realized that was just never going to happen. I had to get comfortable feeling “deprived.”

However, there have been a few things I’ve discovered that I don’t mind as much. Products and foods that I like, that sub in for other foods. Not perfect, but they help. So I wanted to share some of those that have helped me.


Chips - Skinny Pop

This one was brought into relief a couple days ago when I had a bit of a loss of control and ended up eating an entire bag of Skinny Pop popcorn. Looking at it, this was around 4-500 calories. Comparatively a whole bag of chips could’ve easily been 1500-2000. While I didn’t really need the extra 500 calories in my day, I have found the popcorn satisfies my craving for something salty and crunchy, and what’s more, allows me to have a large serving of it without a large serving of calories. That’s one thing I’ve struggled with a lot in weight loss - I miss being able to have large portions.

Cream Cheese - Laughing Cow Lite

This is a classic weight loss tip for a reason. Laughing Cow Lite cheese is creamy, sharp, delicious, and low cal. You can have two of the triangles for just 50 calories in the light version. I have 4 most mornings on a bagel and it’s tasty, packed with protein, easy to measure, and low cal. I often put them on bread as well.

Creamy Salad Dressing/Dip - Opa Greek Yogurt Lite Caesar

This is a recent discovery of mine and I’m in love. This is one of the rare times I will say I cannot taste the difference between this and full fat dressing. It’s chunky, creamy, with a sharp garlic flavour that really wins. I dip carrots and sugar snap peas  in a 1/3 cup for lunch and it’s one of my favourite parts of the meal.

Bagels - Dempster’s Bagels

These aren’t really a replacement - they are just normal bagels that happen to be fairly low calorie. They’re about 220 for an everything bagel, tasty, and easy. They’ve been my go to breakfast for a while now.

Soda - La Croix

I was never a huge soda person. I’m almost jealous of the people who cut out soda and lose a ton of weight. I never minded diet soda either, but caffeine tends to keep me up, so sparkling water has been my go to lately. It also helps me replace booze too. It sort of satisfies that habit of cracking something open and drinking something with flavour and fizz - not just water.

Ice Cream - Halo Top

This is the Holy Grail. There’s a joke weight loss subreddit where they basically worship this and, honestly, I think, rightly so. Tastes the same as regular ice cream to me, or at least close enough, and helps satisfy for me that idea of being able to eat “a lot” of it. This is in my house at pretty much all times.

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