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The Proper Tools

The right tool for the right job. It’s an old saying, but a good one. It’s important to have the right tool for whatever you’re doing. In the modern era that tool is likely a short Amazon order away. And there’s likely one for every single possible task you could think of.

I’ve always been a gadget junkie. Every new tool that promises to revolutionize the way I do, well, most anything, I’ve lusted after. The wearable that helps control your mood and remind you to breath. Every new e-reader ever. Pretty much everything Apple makes.

My bank account and junk drawers are littered with discard tools like this that never really quite worked for me. You have to have commitment to use the tool, for one, but let’s not forget that marketing is a thing, and often these tools don’t work nearly as well as people say they do.

The one I wanted to talk a bit about today though is the iPad Pro. When my iPad Air died recently (I managed to revive it later, but for a while it looked like a goner) I splurged on an iPad Pro. It was an indulgence, to be sure, but one that’s really paid off for me. I went with the 10.5 inch model, as opposed to the larger one, mostly for price, but also for convenience. In the end I’m glad I did (though I’d still love to take one home for a week and see if I could make it work).

The iPad Pro has suddenly become a very novel tool for me - a real LAPtop. You see, I’m overweight. Obese technically. I’m also a shorter guy. That means my lap, such as it is, is tiny. And because my thighs are thicker, it slopes very firmly down. I’ve never found a laptop that I could actually use in my lap - they all slid off, or I had to balance them very precariously. The iPad Pro is the first thing I’ve actually been able to comfortably use in my lap. And that’s been an absolute game changer for me, particularly with the keyboard case.

I’m writing far more than I have in years. I have a number of posts in queue and in draft, and I’ve been able to write them in so many places - on the train, at work, in the bath, even just curled up on the couch at home.

The iPad Pro with its keyboard case seems to be the tool that is finally helping me get my writing habit back. So sometimes it is about finding the right tool for the job, though I am wary of too many single tasking tools (and let’s be clear, by no means is this a single tasker). I’ve also enjoyed using the stylus with it a fair bit, though I’ll admit that may largely be the novelty at this point as opposed to an actual use case. I’m not much of a hand writer or drawer, but who knows? Maybe I’ll pick it up!

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